Thursday, April 06, 2006

sketches pt8

salut!-well sketches 8 comprises of bits from several years..on the left side, these were for chokella cereal-nestle wanted a hip-kid character-we have animation roughs pasted up from the last chocapic commercial i designed and directed for BE Animation, nice folks they are too!-then there's rory the tiger (bless him)..the mascot character for the Haven brand,over the years we have redesigned his whole gang-and even went up to hensons creature shop (when it was in camden)-and supervised the design/construction of the new style prototype character suit-i was told the prototype could cost over 30,000 pounds to develop-and from that they would have the pattern for the 150 suits they needed for the parks...scary stuff eh?
if you really want..i can post my photos of the pete and parder suit characters!-



Blogger Miah Alcorn said...

Lovin' these sketches Mr.Dunn....fantastic work really! Thanks for the inspiration!

9:39 PM  
Blogger Boris Hiestand said...


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