Thursday, June 22, 2006


scruffy rough for the next installment of james blond-dr nasty wants to steal his new robopet-i will be finishing this off in a week or two.

oh dear..

well..the story goes like this..a certain mr-k* was producing an image of c and l..with big mouths..representing if you pull a face the wind will change and you'll stay like that..the mouths were on seperate levels..and the drop shadow slip of the layer ordering and this beauty popped out..apologies mr-k*

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


cows for the cow and gate company..these were for development of a mascot and for a beany toy.


a monkey for all our friends in t' chemically altered northeast ..bless know who you are..
richypickle stop lurking...

old dogs.

daft dogs for uli's studio..these were early concepts for the revamping of Chip-(the cookie crisp dog)-in a more wolfy..less doggy they wanted to market the cereal in Asia,where you can have a talking wolf selling cereal to kids..but not a dog..because that might be following on as the main course -apparently..(agency comment-not mine!)
uli-did you ever get to see the aardman jobs-i watch a lot of kids channels(!)..and have never seen it-did they pull it off or did they just pull it?
pull my finger!

Monday, June 19, 2006

alien schoolboys

a selection of alien boys..i really wanted them to pick the three legged one..but they didn't..maybe because its rubbish..!


please forgive the lack of trusty ol' G4 fried and died on is no more...but..we do keep backups..and i will be trawling around the back up discs for new old stuff to post.
these were for the organix company-they wanted a set of characters to represent nasty food additives..salt-sugar-fat and colouring..i am off for a digital scavenge..

Sunday, June 11, 2006

james blond 006.5

hello folks-at last a new post!-this is james blond-teenage superspy-alongside dr nasty and the crime solving geeky love interest girl..
we are super busy ourselves-i am at MPC (the moving picture company) working with their superb 3d animators-on a course designed to get ol' 2d farts up to speed-i must say i am hooked again-and looking forward to doing 3d fulltime-