Wednesday, November 30, 2005

love your mum...

it's mothers day again..marilyn moansome has forgotten to buy a gift for his mum!
so those k-razee kids take him a shoppin'


chips glorious chips...

no more chips at frogwarts school for witches and wizards..!


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

it's a raid..

just a quick post tonight-
this was for the british horse racing marketing board-
new splotter strip and pop academy strip to come soon..
you lucky people!-


Saturday, November 26, 2005

thought for the day.

when your alpha-bits spell 'ooo',

you've probably got cheerios....


build me a robot

last year we were asked by harpercollins to illustrate a book for pre-schoolers
it was about two scientists who build a very polite robot(!)
we had great fun with this one-
on each page a new snack jumps out of his labcoat pocket
donut-cookie-twinkie-muffin etc
the inking was done with karismacolour pencils-to soften up the line a bit

let me know what you think


Thursday, November 24, 2005

over the hedge

i promise to post more over the weekend-
until then-a sneak pic from dreamworks new animated feature-
'over the hedge"..i think this is just a lo-poly render..playblast..erm..
uli!-i don't know what i'm talking about either!
nice fur though..

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

bear on a bike

bear on a bike and a jack frost character-these were for a set of posters for halfords uk
get ready for winter and buy a new bike while you are at it etc..
it was cool to see these as cut outs hanging in the stores-
mostly my designs seem to end up as floppy character suits..more on those later..yikes!


Sunday, November 20, 2005

i hear laughing...'s a living..
what do you want for free?..
a while ago we got commisioned by an over enthusiastic agency to re-design the famous spokes-muppet mr-jelly belly.
the breif was to make him feel like a classic mascot from the 50's-
woo hoooo!

if you think he's cute..wait till you see my new venture in 3d..


jumping bean

this is one from the vaults..from 1995 to 2000 i was nesting at Richard Purdum Productions here in london,
animating and designing commercials etc,,drinking a lot of tea and getting passed strange books and cds from a mr small..(more on that fellow later..)
tiger aspect productions asked the studio to come up with character concepts for the top secret mr-bean animated show they were developing at that time.
these were a few of my designs..sort of an odd upa thing..
i continued working on commercials when this project was in the studio,but was asked to animate the dancing bean for the end credits 30 sec-one shot-fun to do.
this scene is in the animation section of my site-
click on the mr-dunn* studio link over on the right


Saturday, November 19, 2005


Quilleys throat lozenges used to have a great radio jingle..

When your throat is red and sore,
Pop down to the chemist store...
Dont delay,
You silly billys...
You'll get relief,
When you suck Quilleys..


herr Krakekugeln..

our studio mascot is mr-takoyaki*
in japanese takoyaki is a snack food -made of octopus and shaped into balls..
but we thought mr-octopus balls didn't scan too well..
Monsieur boules de poulpe
señor bolas del pulpo
sig.sfere del polipo
esferas do polvo
meneer inktvis
미스터 낙지 공
ο κύριος σφαίρες χταποδιών
господин шарики восьминога
and my favourite..
herr Krakekugeln..
we were looking to create a little fella that was both a character and a typographic symbol
we created so far 200 little flash files of him in different guises..
we are licensing them through our rep in the US
200 more to come..


cutting room floor

just a few roughs from my time on Sinbad-Legend of the seven seas
i was part of a small crew working at stardust pictures in sunny highgate.
i had the pleasure of sitting next to alberto mielgo-who spoke no english at that time..
so we communicated by clicks,whistles,winks,a lot of pointing, and a lot of eyebrows going up and down..
it worked a treat!-he even managed to tell me the stevie wonder joke..!
i suggest you ask him to give you the original rendition of it when you see him..
pure living theatre..


teddy and duck

it's a family business....
two doodles from mr-dunn* jnr


why um-daddy?...

we were at euro disney-joe and i were visiting the little boys room..
i turn around and this is what i see..
hope you like it..
every time he asks a question it's.."um....daddy?..."



this is the other strip we do at the moment
mini me versions of the stars are at pop college
we have avril latrine-pink-britney pearshaped-marylin moansalot
and my favourite..50 pence..

50 thinks he has a secret's his mum!!

the kids in the eastern block love it!..apparently..


mary splotter

every month we get to do a new strip for scholastic magazines
these are quick turn around jobs -but fun to do.
this is the last one we did-
a magic valentine ends up on the wrong desk..

there are more strips on our site-
click on illustration button-then go to comic strips-



just a quickie...reminds me of an old joke...blah blah.."it's pronounced quiche..."
anyway..some really smiley kids for you..

more to come..